My approach to Therapy is called Brief Therapy. The goal of Brief Therapy is the empowerment of the person who comes asking for help. It is based on two concepts:

  • When you feel affected by a problem, you are the expert on your problem. Therefore, the information utilized in the sessions will be your specific descriptions, mainly examples, that best represent, at first the problem that affects you, and later how that problem is evolving during the treatment. I will ask you for information about your emotions, behaviors and thoughts.

  • The therapist is the expert on the techniques and skills to facilitate you to provide the appropriate information and to promote the change that satisfies your needs.


Brief Therapy is a systemic approach to human problems. The notion of systemic applied to therapy is based on two concepts:

  • Context: the person under stress has a context where his/her problem is developed and therefore it needs to be taken into consideration in the treatment, in addition to the individual characteristics of the case. This context can be: family, for example partner, siblings, children; or work, for example coworkers, boss.

  • Interaction: the way that the person relates to his/her context through communication. Also, is taking in consideration the way that the person communicates with him or herself, for example with negative thoughts, etc.

Mercedes González, M.A