The identities of the following references have been withheld to protect their privacy:

 "I found your techniques and our sessions very helpful. They opened my eyes to much more than just 'the problem'      and I feel more confident, more at peace and better equipped to deal with life's little ups and downs. Thank you        from the bottom of my heart for this learning journey and for your most kind yet firm support throughout the            process."

"I really appreciated the fact that you challenged me at the same time that you supported me."   

"That´s amazing how giving you examples of my problem, made me realize of so many things that I never saw before."

  "During the process of therapy, I realized that I have many more resources than I thought - I just couldn't see them    before."

"Elaborating a list of priorities of all my concerns as initial homework, was definetely mind-opening."    


    "The Therapy sessions opened my eyes and made me see things more clearly and helped me develope ways of        understanding and dealing with certain aspects of my life. It has made a change in me definitely for the better."


  "Your assignment of stopping at home, just for a second, to think and write conscientiously the situations that    reflect my distress the best, for me, was the first step to get control over it."


"Identifying with details what hurts me, although hard, has became a helpful tool for dealing with my pain."    


"It wouldn´t have been possible for me to deal successfully with this difficult time in my life without your help."    

Mercedes González, M.A.